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this is our first demo, new songs and a video coming very soon.

you can find "alone" in a compilation published by l'angolo della follia


released September 25, 2013

lyrics: spear.
music: spear & piledriver



all rights reserved


marijuanal Italy

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Track Name: marijuanal - 1984 (ALBUM MIX!)
A lot of people are guilty of ignorance
so the guilt is spreading like an influence
a murder government inspect my existence
between this and hell I really think there is no difference

back in black we returned in middle age
nobody guarantees your right if you cannot to pay
all our beliefs remain just ideals
abolished by conformity and fears

bleeding noise from our bassdrums
million voices get silenced
scream our rage till we're breathless
till we'll fall dead to the ground
palpitating sound of eart
very soon they'll stop its breath
very soon they'll stop its heart
soon our world will get lifless

back in black history remains the same
turning round from evermore, it will happen again
rubbin' human people of the right of thought and speech
here in 1984 we want destroy this frame
it's clouding bombs from a lacerated sky
on our mind, on our crying, we are fueling with your lies
let's hear the call, truth is sharp like a blade
we want to change it all, we don't want to live in shame